Golden helix spiral


how can i draw a golden spiral in sketchup to be printed, it must be connectod to an axle so water can spin it
similar to the folowing link

this is what i have so far, bit i cant get it water tight to print, too many faces, also the parts connecting to the axle is so becomes to thin it will not be sturdy
entire axle will be 80mm high and blades 3mm thick

also i just want the axle no flat part in the middel, it must look like the golden spiral

any help will be apreciated
thank you


A quick example with the tool helical ramp from the plugin SU Draw Parametric Shapes. (88.0 KB)


thank you very much this is perfect, saved me days


sorry final question, what is the setup to create what you did, my helix doesn’t close in the center - what i need is start radius 40mm end radius 29mm height 80mm 3mm thick with a 4mm radius axle in the center


nevermind i found it thank you, regards


Here’s a quick making of…
(used plugin: JPP by Fredo6)

goldenhelix2.skp (202.0 KB)