Go vs Pro tools included

I use both my desktop and recently more actively using my IPad for the Go version of SketchUp. I was inactive for a few years but have returned to using it. I remember the ability to display angle dimensions on my plans but now I can’t with the Go version. Will upgrading to Pro give me this ability? Very important to show angles on the plans.

SketchUp has never had a native angle dimension tool. It still doesn’t. It might be that you had an extension to do that. Angular Dimension 2 is one of those. SketchUp Go doesn’t have any option for using extensions. You might also have been adding angular dimensions in LayOut which does have that tool.

Ok, I had the program before the days of subscriptions and also had layout. I guess I have to buy the pro version even though I don’t use it enough to justify it. How long does a 20% discount last? Thanks for the quick response

If you need to create documentation from your SketchUp models LayOut will be very useful.

I don’t know how long the 20% discount lasts. You might want to contact Customer Support and talk to them about upgrading from Go to Pro. Wth your Pro subscription you would still have access to SketchUp Go along with other stuff.

Just bought the Pro version with the 20% discount. I can always downgrade next year if I don’t find it as useful for my purposes.

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Good deal. If you need to make dimensioned drawings I expect you’ll find LayOut useful.

This is a detail of a LayOut file created from a SketchUp model.

Good, thanks. Can layout be used on the IPad, or do I need to go to my laptop for that?

Not on the iPad. You’ll need your laptop. LayOut as well as the desktop version of SketchUp only work on Windows or Mac OS, not iOS (iPad operating system).

Ok, thanks

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