[GMOD] Maps with SketchUp

OKay, so I play GMod, and I recently created a server, but I don’t like the maps so I wanted to get into map making. “Couldn’t be too hard right?” Well I know it isn’t I love using sketchup to make things. But when I got to OS > Program FIles (x86) > There is no Sketch Folder and it’s not in the Google Folder either. So I tried searching in the Program Files (even though my computer is 64 bit) and i found it there. When I opened it though there was no “plugins folder” I need the plugins folder to export the map to Garry’s mod. Also, I was wondering if there was a way that I could IMPORT a map from the steam workshop to sketchup to add my own modifications? Please help me my server wants my map <3 I’ve googled for hours, but nothing up to date or useful.

There is no “Google Sketchup 8 Folder” or whatever in the “Google” Folder which is supposed to be there.

I think you mixed the SketchUp versions:

  • google: not one of the latest versions
  • your profile: Make: one of the latest versions (Trimble, not Google)
  • in “Program Files”: not version 8, 64-bit only since 2015
  • in new versions: Plugins folder isn’t anylonger in the program folder

Which version are we talking about?

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I watched that old video on how to set it up and a lot of the files I couldn’t find in various places :confused:

Im using SketchUp 2016, but when I go into the folder their is no “Plugins” Folder???

You’ll find the plugin folder here:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\SketchUp\Plugins

Yes, Thank you. But now what do I change in hammer editor? Should I try to find everything through their too? Because when I put it into a vmf format, in hammer it says Failed to Load Themes?

Are you sure that all of us know hammer editor, GMOD, …?

No :frowning: but I must ahve set something up wrong then i guess? right ? Because that IS the right folder?

And NOTHING else helped me :frowning: until now :confused:

One more thing though, When saving the filing, do I need to make the entire build a group?

There are groups in the video.

If it is an old plugin, it might not be compatible with newer (>=2015) versions of SketchUp. Do you know if it is?

I downloaded the latest version.

The latest can be old too?

NO. Nope pretty sure it is correct.

I’m not familiar with this plugin, but the on-line documentation suggests that it only exports a VMF file for Steam (not the other way around). The only version I could find was quite old … the READ.ME file had additional steps that needed to be performed after copying the plugin files to the plugins directory: ReadMe-ValveSketchUpTools.txt (3.9 KB)

You might try asking your question in one of the Steam forums:

Steam Community :: Discussions