Loading custom plugins?

Hello all.

I bite the bullet and downloaded 2024, i was reluctant as there is a plugin i was kindly given which someone paid for a few years back which is a custom handrail plugin which has other bits on it which i use for work etc.

I have literally copied over 3 folders which relate to the plugin and also the .rb file. When i open sketchup 2024 is says unable to upload the plugin. Downloaded it is not an option as far as im aware is a one off plugin which he paid someone to build.

I don’t think iv missed anything doing a copy and paste, what other things should i try? Should i just try and copy and paste the whole folder into the new 24 plugin folder incase i did miss something.

I shared my computer with him a few years back and he set it up for me so i dont actually know how it got it to work but in 2022 SU it works flawlessly.


What exactly are the details of the message indicating that it can’t load the extension? Is it tell you that it can’t find required files? It might just be that it needs an update to work in SketchUp 2024. Many extensions have required that and it isn’t unusual with new versions of SketchUp. If it needs an update you might have to contact the author for that.

Thanks, i sorted it.

I just copied and pasted the whole set of plugins into the 2024 folder and it works.

That’s good. So evidently you missed copying somwthing the first time.

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