Editing gta san andreas map in sketchup

Hello, I’ve been using SketchUp for a short time, but I want to improve myself by changing something on the gta san andreas map. For this, I need a full 3d map of the gta san andreas map. The map should be very detailed. (like playing gta san andreasta) I may have put it in the wrong category because the forum is not in my native language. I am sorry about that. I have one map in .obj format. I need to convert it to .skp to see if it will work for me. But I could only find 1 site and it is giving an error. Please suggest some sites where I can convert .obj format to .skp and where I can find this full map. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

You are probably better off finding a GTA modding forum somewhere - they will likely have a selection of resources for how to get maps from the game and convert them to something useable.

I would expect that the GTA SA map is made up of chunks of data - trying to import it all into SketchUp as one single chunk of geometry might be problematic.

I’m sure you could model buildings and add things in to somehow get into the map - using SketchUp.

Install the TT lib and quadface tools plugin, restart sketchup and you’ll be able to import obj files directly from sketchup.

I just downloaded it and re-entered SketchUp and it didn’t. How do I download and install? Or where do I put the files?

Did you install the tt_ lib library?

No, I didn’t install it. How do I set it up?

Can you explain in detail how to install?

Just search on the extension warehouse tt_lib and install it from there.

This didn’t help me. Can you tell in more detail?

Restart sketchup after installing the plug-ins

It does not work. Be more detailed please.

I can’t be more detailed, check a YouTube video on how to install the tt lib and quadface tools.

I have installed the way I followed, but it still does not open the .obj file because it does not have .skp.

This is becoming a very confusing thread. You may want to type up a detailed list of the steps you tried to do, including extensions you installed and exactly what commands you are clicking on.

Unfortunately, saying “I did it, but it did not work” leaves a lot of information out. I read through this whole topic, and am not sure what you are trying to get done at this point… are you looking for help installing an extension? Are you trying to import an OBJ file? Are you trying to export a SKP file?

The more clear information you can provide, the better the chance that someone here can help you out.

Post the OBJ file you are trying to import, or, if it is too big for the forum, share it via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or the like and post the link. If your problem is with a SketchUp file, post that too.