Gluing a sign to the building

You guys must be sick of hearing from me. I have made some modest progress. Tomorrow is the day I have a meeting with a perspective customer, but I am still not quite ready. I have been trying for 2 hours to "glue this sign to the surface of the building, between theawning and the corner of the building. It jumps all over the place and when it says “on face”, it is behind the face just beneath the surface. I have this sign and the one on the front to glue in. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? The sign is a PNG with tansparent background (if that matters). Thankyou in advance. RoB

Hi Rob,

I am not aware of what is happening technically…

However I do know that when this happens to me, if I make a copy of the object (your sign) then I can move it to where I want no problem. I then just delete the original.

This typically happens when I import something from a file or the warehouse and place it on the face of another object, causing it to “glue” to that face.

I hope this helps, someone else might be able to provide a more technical explanation.


Also if you are unable to see the sign that is because the sign surface and the wall surface are occupying the same space. Try offsetting the sign slightly from the wall… or extrude it, to make sure that you can see it (however it being a PNG, extruding is not an option).

Sounds interesting…just tried making a copy and deleting the original.
Unfortunately the behavior is the same. If I email you the skp file, can
you have a look at it? This is my last step before tomorrow’s presentation.
Hope you have time to solve this peculiarity. It means a lot to me that
there is a community that cares about us SU users. Thank-you


@Gattaca may be on the right track.
Right context click on the image and select Unglue if it’s not grayed out.

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