Glue to problem with components

I would like to know why I can only glue 3 components together. When I glue the 4th, everything is lost. A component is completely unstable. I made an initial component, made the second and glued into the first, made the third and glued into the second. So far so good, if I scale the first one the other two stay glued together. But if I include the 4th pasted on the 3rd and edit the scale of the 1st, usually the 3rd or 4th will end up somewhere lost in the environment.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Maybe gluing isn’t the right or at least most practical way to go.

I plan to line up 5 or more boxes (components) next to each other. When I scale the 1st one I want the others to be shifted too. This works fine with just 3 boxes (components). If I put the 4th one, one of them goes somewhere in the 3d environment.

Upload your model to let us see more clearly what is happening.

If you scale red box (component) in positive X all be ok. But if you scale blue box (component) not.

bug_glue.skp (105.3 KB)

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The third in row get’s warped to infinity, definitely a bug that might be related to the text bug, where a deleted edge would throw an earlier attached text tag to infinity as well.
Reset Scale of a component ‘unglues’ the next in line.

FWIW, there might be an alternative way to accomplish what you are trying to do, one’s got to know it’s limitations…

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