Global prefix and suffix to layout dimensions

I have a requirement to dimension a number of rooms on a building conversion project I am working on. I want the ability to switch on globally and off a custom user-defined text or symbol before and or after the dimension figure given by layout. Currently, I have to double-click into every single dimension and amend it.
I can not find this function/ability within layout; please advise if I am incorrect and point me in the right direction. If this does not exist, please can it be a future request.
UDT on dims

There is no current function like that. Could be a good feature request, though.

Are you still using SU 2021 as your profile shows?

Thanks, Dave,
I think this would be easy enough to implement; I hope it has enough support to be included in an update.

Thanks for the reminder; I am on the 2023 version and have updated the profile text.

All the best

You can make a sample dimension with the text in a scrapbook and then drag the dimension into your layout file. It may save you a couple of clicks.

That’s an interesting idea. It would work if the dimension is formatted as “Prefix text <>”. Depends on the text. I can see some uses for that. There was quite a lot of that additional typing for things like these dimensions with the symbol for diameter leading and the tolerances following…

Might be easier to copy and paste the text into the dimensions but I like that suggestion.