Dimensions: Too large to fit between endpoints; Globally change settings

I’m wondering if there is a way within SketchUp (or a 3rd party extension), that would allow me to pull-out dimensions for spaces too small to accommodate text. See my screenshot:

In addition, is there a way to globally and permanently adjust the dimension and text tool settings so that I do not have to customize font size, color, endpoints etc. it for every model I build?
Many thanks in advance to the geniuses here.

You can do that sort of thing easily and even automatically in LayOut. If you must dimension in SketchUp, right click on the dimension and choose Text Position.

Jeez. Sometimes the answers are right under your nose. I know that Layout offers better options here, but there are some idiosyncratic reasons I need to do this in SU directly.
DaveR - you should be paid (handsomely) by Trimble for the awesomeness you bring here. Deep bow of gratitude

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Aw, shucks. It t’warnt nuthin’. :wink:

I do think it’s time for a new pair of SketchUp underwear, though. :smiley: :smiley: