Glass is reflected in the mirror as not transparent

I have a problem with the setting of the glass. glass is not transparent in the mirror. Do you know the solution? psc in attachment. Thank You

What do you expect to see behind the glass that isn’t transparent?

I believe he means the transparency of the glass is not shown in the mirror

yes ,
it’s a shower glass cabin and it’s not transparent in the mirror.

is your glass material double-sided ?

yes, it is 5mm thick

have you checked faces orientation ? (view > face style > monochrome, see if the rear face of the glass is blue)

I would recommend wiping the material completely from the glass and reapply. Since the glass has a thickness, sometimes a material is applied on the inside faces but appears transparent as the outside face material overrides it in SketchUp.

See example. In the model, it’s reading as completely transparent but it’s showing as black in the reflection.

I constantly use Thom Thom’s Materials Tools to ‘completely’ wipe materials from objects BEFORE applying my V-Ray materials. This ensures that the inside faces are replaced and won’t cause trouble later.

Working correctly now: