Give the Robot a Hand Update

Hello Sketchup Folks!
I am continuing my discussion of a human mimicking robot hand design. Autodesk has allowed those of us who are not tremendously significant to obtain Autodesk Maya at a price that is at least possible. I thought I would try sending the Sketchup robot hand design to Maya. I prefer creating in Sketchup, everything is so much easier and intuitive in Sketchup, but the really complex (large) designs can begin to tax the ability of Sketchup to keep up with “looking around” at the model. I plan a few more videos to more completely explain how this robot hand will work and to sequentially go through the science to show this robot hand design really can meet all four of the human mimicking robot hand design specifications that I set out at the beginning. I put this video at Linkedin, so that’s why I have to not exceed 15 minutes. Here’s the YouTube url for the video:

Enjoy! Dr. Gray

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