Human Mimicking Robot Hand Design

Hello Sketchup Folks,
I created a design for a human mimicking robot hand. I am creating a series of YouTubes to discuss this design. I think a proper human mimicking robot hand should have the strength features that human hands have, including that frequently a 200lb human can grasp a metal bar above the human’s head, then the human lifts his or her feet off the ground, and the 200lb weight of the human is supported just by one hand. I plan a series of YouTubes to show that the robot hand design has the strength to do this. I have Sketchup 2024 and it allows me to choose my Nvidia card, so the display rate is fast enough that I can create my YouTubes with imagery input directly from Sketchup. I think that is very nice. The YouTube link is my first YouTube in this series, I named the series “Give the Robot a Hand Strength Discussion Part 01” I will be making more strength discussion YouTube Parts soon.
I have a webpage on this robot hand topic:
I asked Sketchup to export an FBX so that people can open and look at the robot hand design in their own 3D drawing programs. I imported it into my Autodesk Maya and it imported just fine. It is also nice that the FBX export function of Sketchup Pro 2024 also seems to be working ok. I put a link for a free download of that FBX on that webpage (it is a 340mb zip file). I put some introductory type remarks in this Part 01 YouTube, but for the rest of the YouTube Parts, I will be going much more directly into doing the video while showing the 3D drawing parts directly in Sketchup Pro 2024. I did do a render in KeyShot of the robot hand in some different poses, I will add that image here, I shrunk it to 8mb.
Here’s the Part 01 YouTube link: