A little Manikin

Hey Folks, this is really just for fun stuff. I created a little manikin and gave him the proportions of a normal human. I wanted to use him to show size and proportions of some items in my Sketchup drawings. I found that I don’t have enough talent to move around a form that is very human, a true human form is just too many organic shapes. The manikin is pretty easy to duplicate inside Sketchup, just use: edit, then copy, then paste in place, then move the copy around and re-adjust his pose if needed. I used him in one of my YouTube tutorials. In that YouTube tutorial, I was discussing the concept that there’s always this group of people sort of watching what you’re doing and offering their thoughts and concepts (whether you want them to or not), so I put in a whole group of the manikins to show concept this visually. I’ll try to get that Sketchup Pro 2019 drawing file(22mb Forest Church Tutorial Mannikins v3) to my Warehouse gallery (named: Pistonrobot). I’m currently working on what I call a “Smart Mortar,” it’s a drone that would be launched via a pneumatic launcher and would have flight control and navigation abilities so it wouldn’t have to follow just a simple ballistic flight profile and all the accuracy problems associated with un-managed ballistic flight. Anyway, I thought I would let manikin show off this “Smart Mortar” drone, to let people get a feeling for the size of the drone, then I thought, well…let’s see what happens if I render the scene out in KeyShot. Part of what I wanted to show about the drone is that it has a set of ducted fans inside the drone to give the drone on-going flight control capability, so I made a transparent version of the drone. I thought it made just a fun picture to look at. And, of course, if anyone wants to use manikin in their own Sketchup drawings… well just download the drawing file from the Warehouse, then open that downloaded Sketchup file, choose, copy out, and paste manikin into your own Sketchup work. Ok with me. enjoy! pg!