Some more about the Flying Device

Well… I got the airfoil setup for the Smart Mortar, but the aerodynamics calculations gave it a final ascent height that seemed way too low to me. So I checked to see if this was really a problem, and it is a real surprise what the science of vision actually showed. What fun!
I have a lot of Sketchup stuff in the YouTube video that I created. Of note, I found with Sketchup, if one has a very small object or group in a drawing that has a very large object or group, it is essentially impossible for Sketchup to properly show the small items. That was strange to me. I think it is related to Sketchup automatically creating a “bounding box” to contain all of the parts of the entire model and the size of this bounding box then controls the lower limit of what Sketchup will show. Frustrating. I’ll send some of the Sketchup Drawing files to the Warehouse, my Warehouse collection main name is Pistonrobot. Here’s the YouTube url:
Smart Mortar -Visibility - YouTube