Update for the Gallery Section of the Forum

Hello Sketchup Folks,
I designed a human mimicking robot based on use of hydraulic cylinders as the power and force items because they allow creation of a robot that is such a superior mimic of the human vs using rotatary encoders. I (so far) have a robot design that includes feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, thorax, shoulders, upper arms. This robot design does have the size, proportions, joint types, and ranges of motion of the joints as very close matches to those of a human. I choose to do this all inside Sketchup to slow down the critics who say, “Great design, but physically, it is impossible to make a real version of your robot.” I reply, “Its designed inside Sketchup, and all the parts are possible and there are no physically impossible interactions.” I avoided the human mimicking robot hand because I could not figure out how to make a proper human mimicking hand. I think the proper mimic needs to satisfy at least 4 criteria: 1) about the size of a normal human hand, a robot hand 3-6 times the size of a human hand is not that hard to design, it is shrinking it to human sizes and satisfying the next 3 criteria that is a tough design issue, 2) has the power and force of a human hand, can lift and hold 200lbs, that a 200lb robot could dangle its weight by holding onto a support using just one of these hands, 3) has the fine motor dexterity of the human hand, 4) will last without breaking for 8-10 years. But I think I have a design for this. I created a page at my website on this human mimicking robot hand topic. I included some of my YouTubes on this, I plan to add more, and I send some of my Sketchup drawings to Keyshot just to make (my opinion) large and beautiful png renders. I have (so far) one 60mb png at that page that anyone can download. I just wanted to give this as an update to the Sketchup Gallery to those who might be interested or intrigued. Enjoy! Dr. Gray
Here’s the webpage url: