Working on a new Toy for the Holiday Season

I work on designing robots. I think robots powered by hydraulic cylinders are easier to design to be mimics of the human form than those using rotary encoders. I understand that actual hydraulic cylinders are too complex and expensive for those who work with robots as a hobby. So, I wanted to design an electric equivalent of a hydraulic cylinder because an electric equivalent is much simpler to work with and install, but to try to design it so that it was very inexpensive so that people could use this just for fun as they fabricate their own robots using available parts or perhaps their 3D printer. I think fabrication of these parts is not that difficult, but fabricating a power or motion source is much more difficult, so perhaps this Simple Linear Actuator that I describe could help. Here’s my instructional YouTube on this topic. Enjoy, Dr. Gray Linear Actuator - Simple Version perhaps a new toy - YouTube


Thanks Jim for the Like.

I forgot to add a picture. I am using this pose of the pistonrobot in another video about Linear Actuators that I created. This other video includes discussion of another version of the Linear Actuator that I named the Sophisticated Version. It has a lot more capabilities. Of note, this video is set to be one of the presentations at a Robotics Conference in Japan in July 2021. I wonder if any other Sketchup teaching videos will be presented. I am intrigued to see what will come of my being a presenter at that conference. I feel, once the conference is over, I should be able to upload that video of the Sophisticated Linear Actuator to my YouTube channel. We’ll see. Dr. Gray!
shrunk by Corel working on colorsfrom Sketchup v480 THIGH FORCES v2_191|690x431