A more Sophisticated Linear Actuator

I finished my YouTube video about two versions of a Linear Actuator that can be used as a substitute to a hydraulic cylinder. I hope this will allow creation of a robot that has the advantages of use of hydraulic cylinders as its motive force, and yet if one does not want the problems of pumps, valves, fluids under pressure, etc., then one can substitute this Linear Actuator in for the hydraulic cylinder. The Simple version is optimized to be low cost, the Sophisticated version is optimized to have such great capabilities that people could use it to make really cool robots. I did bring the pistonrobot into a deep knee bend posture and rendered that out in Keyshot. That deep knee bend pose is discussed in the Sophisticated Linear Actuator video. Here’s the YouTube url’s for these two videos:
https://youtu.be/nj2vRXHiJkk Simple and Sophisticated Linear Actuators
https://youtu.be/1erz29OvO2k Simple Linear Actuator more detailed discussion