Using Sketchup in a YouTube instructional video

I’ve made a few more videos about the robot. I sent them up to YouTube. So far there’s 13, but I think the series will grow to about 26 total YouTube videos. I’m working on a “Kabuki Theater” showing. I uploaded the Sketchup file that’s my latest attempt. If you select the red curtain, then select scale from the tools menu, then select only altering the curtain along the green axis, then as you drag the scaling tool it looks for all the world like you are opening or closing that red curtain. What fun!
Here’s the YouTube link for the first video in this instructional series:
Making a video of robot arm rotation
Here’s the final mp4 video that I created, the whole instructional series describes how to make an mp4 like this one. Robot arm rotation mp4
Here’s the Kabuki Theater sketchup file. Oops its too big, I’ll send it to the Trimble Warehouse.
Here’s an exported image of the theater

Well this is just really an update to this original post. I now have it up to 22 videos and I figured out how to get them onto my website and in a form where someone could download the mp4 if they wanted. These videos do let you see how Sketchup is a great program for adding video content as one discusses a topic. I’m gonna’ open the curtain on that theater Kabuki soon…:slight_smile:
Here’s where you can watch and download the videos