Ghosted/Missing Images when exporting PDF

This is a solution to an issue users have posted about a few years back with “ghosted” images when exporting a PDF.

If you export and the images seem to be in the PDF but quickly disappears after opening - try switching the order of the layers. For me, I had a PDF Title Block (exported from CAD) linked on the “On Every Page” Layer. When this layer was at the top of the list, I had the ghosting issue, presumably because a white mask within the PDF was covering the entire sheet that did not show when I was in Layout, only PDF exports. After moving this to the bottom of the Layers list, the images showed correctly after exporting.

Hope this helps!


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That’s interesting and seems kind of odd behavior. Do you have a border on the page? Is it acting like fill in the export? Does this happen only with Big Sur? It would be interesting to compare the export you got to an export from the same file on a PC.

FWIW, in my templates the title block, page borders and other things like that are always at the bottom of the Layers list (and locked) since they don’t normally need to be touched at all for a project.