Ghosted images when exporting to a PDF


It’s very disappointing that this issue has been going on so long. The proposed workaround doesn’t work either. For a while I was able to export a pdf with all the print and display options set to High and it would work, but that’s no longer the case. Seems like a pretty critical flaw, that I basically cannot print ANYTHING from Layout. The program is worthless without the ability to print plans. So why am I still paying for the maintenance program again???


Thanks for the tip Mike.
I changed the scene to a different one, then re loaded the scene I wanted.
This fixed the Ghosting temporarily. I printed the page OK.

I tried to print the same page again 5 minutes later without clicking anything on the page: it is ghosted again.

I am using this software in a business production role, with time critical deadlines.
This is a time consuming, annoying, unnecessary workaround.

It is not a “Fix” for the problem.

I see that this problem was first posted here 22 weeks ago. Is anybody working on this?



Upgraded Mac to Mojave 10.14.1
Pages containing raster images still ghosted and pale when printing.

No response from Sketchup?


Hi all, please know that we have been investigating this issue on our end. When LayOut sends an image to pdf or print, a re-render is performed at that point. When this occurs the color profile is being injected for some reason coming from the OS producing the faded images.

Currently the only work around we have is to remove the color profile on the exported pdf’s as Wei has described above above.

I am sorry for this inconvenience.



Trent, Thanks for acknowledging that you guys know this is still happening. I realize it’s not affecting everyone but it’s been extremely disruptive to my professional workflow. I’m looking forward to when your team has it resolved…


What exactly is “the” color profile?

I’m not an expert, but my understanding is virtually all Adobe applications are color managed, that is, they are always dealing with some ICC profile. It’s normal for an image to have a profile. The question, I think, is which one.

After some quick research, it looks like if you have Acrobat Pro, you can inspect the objects in the file including what ICC profile they have. Go View->Tools->Print Production, then Output Preview. Here is an example using SU Pro & Layout 2018, Acrobat Pro 10 all in MacOS 10.11.6:

Has anyone poked around their problematic PDF’s with this tool to see what they say the profile is on the bad images?