Ghost surfaces appearing when push/pulling, surfaces corrupt?

I am unable to create a single floor surface in this model. This one is plain bizzare. It is not Z-fighting, all edges are co-planar, yet when I create a surface and later try to push or pull it, there appears out of nowhere 3-5 different surfaces, with no “black line” edges.
I have attached my file.
Thanks for any help.No 28 - bugged.skp (634.9 KB)

You are using layers incorrectly.
Keep all raw geometry on layer0 and only assign layers to groups or components.

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Thank you so much, problem solved.

@Box beat me to it !

You are not using layers properly.
There are various edges on hidden layers.
The easiest fix is to delete all layers but Layer0, and when prompted choose to set the default layer for anything using those to-be-deleted layers.
Always leave Layer0 as the current layer.
Always draw your geometry - edges and faces - on that Layer0.
Group or make components of related geometry and assign other layers to those ‘containers’.
Switching layers on/off controls the object’s visibility.
It does not separate geometry, so having faces and edges on different on/off layers is a recipe for madness.

Incidentally most of your wall geometry etc is inside out.
You should see the white front faces, not the blue-gray back faces.
Use the context menu to Reverse them…
Whilst it’s not fatal in a simple SketchUp model, you should always strive to keep faces properly oriented.
It can adversely affect 3d-printed objects because their software needs to decide what’s inside and what’s outside.
It’ll also produce weird issues with most 3rd-party renderers - which do not use colors/textures on back-faces, and depending on the app can render them transparent, white or black - ignoring what you see in SketchUp.

Understood, and beginning to apply.
Thank you

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