Getting Massive Errors Importing OBJ Causing Import to Fail

I use Siemens NX to convert CAD data of various automotive parts which I try to import into Sketchup. First I export the part into Blender as an STL and then use Blender To create an OBJ where I try to import into Sketchup. Only issue, it fails 80% of the time with Sketchup where I get massive errors in the validity check Sometimes in the hundreds of thousands. Is there a setting in Sketchup where I can loosen tolerances to avoid this failure.

Is it worth importing the STL into SketchUp? The extension to use is here:

Thanks so much for the reply. Wow, didn’t realize there was an extension. Not too many programs play nice with what NX can export. Blender is one of the only free programs I could find that can convert it to an OBJ. Company I work for is really cheap. From there, I use Sketchup to assign material properties for use in DAZ3D. NX can export a DFX for use in Sketcup, but it’s really bad quality. Hopefully, I’m not violating any rules by mentioning this. The other work around I found was using freeware call Wings 3D. It can take an STL, convert it to 3DS, OBJ, DAE and a few others. I found that importing 3DS into Sketchup provides the best quality. OBJ from Wings 3D also generates those errors in Sketchup. But I will try the STL extension. Thanks again.

Holy crapola, every STL file that I exported out of NX which I converted into an OBJ for use in SKP that resulted in the massive errors above or the crash splat message, each one of them opened up fine in Sketchup. Surface quality was much better too when using the Wings 3D program.