Issue Importing Nx model to sketchup Using Simlabs JT import

Hi ,

My requirement is to import cad models done on Nx from my library into sketchup pro. Currently i am exporting the Cad models to JT format from NX and then using Simlabs JT importer extension to import them into sketch up. But the resulting sketchup files are very large and cumbersome to work on in sketchup. I use standard tessellation method while exporting files to JT in NX. I tried using Coarse method but the round objects in Nx appears very distorted and out of shape in sketchup.
Is there a better way to get the NX part files into sketchup without havinglarge file size or with lesser polygons or surfaces ?


export to the neutral STEP format (industry standard for 3D CAD data based on NURBS surfaces) and import with the SimLab STEP importer plugin for SketchUp (trial avail. (30x/1m), install by: “Window > Extension Manager > Search: step importer”).