Getting finer definition in renders help

Just looking for some modelling / rendering pointers.

This project and the last used kitchen cabinetry.

In both projects I struggled to get definition in the cupboard doors to come through in the final render. In the first one, I had the changed the cabinet doors from 2mm to 3-4mm apart and they did not show up as separate doors in the render. This one I exaggerated even further with nearly a 10-25mm between doors and it is still not showing.

The image shown is for illustrative purposes and just a work in progress, I was using Twinmotion on full 4k settings.

Is there a trick to getting cabinetry to show up correctly?

I use TM with SketchUp. What lighting do you have set up on the cabinet faces? Looks like just sunlight coming through the window? You can jack up the ambient lighting, or better, place some overhead lights that wash down the cabinet faces to make the edge shadows pop out. Interior daytime renders are trickier in TM2020 because of the new autoexposure, try turning the time of day to evening. It looks like the cabinet surfaces is a carbon matte black? That makes it hard to see the black of the edges, I think direct lighting placed above is the best bet.

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TM Struggles with detail on geometry that is in plane with little detail (flat) particularly where the lighting is mostly ambient. Increasing reflectivity can help but not always what you want.
Try rounding the edges in sketchup, this can provide some highlights that suggest the geometry(and is actually physically accurate) , also add some fill light at an incidence angle to bring out those highlights.

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Thank you, both… based on comments, I made the following changes:

Dulled down the ambient lighting
Changed time of day to later in the day
Included a couple of IES lights
Changed the reflectivity from 0% to 20%
Rounded one panel (just to test)

Saw results so now on the right track, most appreciated.

The model was just a study model to quickly see if something worked but would have been useless to develop further if had not worked out how to improve display and likely to have got nowhere without these excellent sets of advice!..

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