Get started doesn't bring users into Sketchup for Schools

Clicking the Get Started button on SketchUp for Schools just brings pupils to the webpage below. This is happening on chromebook and hp desktop. This problem started on Thursday 9th May. We can load sketchup by going through the Start Modelling button on one of the tasks, but obviously this is an issue.

Hi @sadhbh.roebuck thanks for the post. I just ran a preliminary test on our end and everything looks okay but as we are not a school and rely on a testing environment to load the app, maybe something is different for you.

Can you let me know some additional details like your domain and if you are using a Google or Microsoft environment to deploy the app? Also can you upload a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing so I can get a better idea of what we are looking at?

I am glad you have a workaround in the meantime so just keep using that while I track down some answers for you.

Hi Casey,

thanks for getting back to me. We use Google and all pupils are on a chromebook. However I have a desktop HP and the same thing happens for me, also through Google. I click the blue Get Started button and am brought directly to the below screen. Same for the pupils.



Ah, thanks for the post @sadhbh.roebuck. I appreciate the screenshot too. Can you confirm what URL you are accessing to load SketchUp for Schools?

Hi Casey, we access it with this web address

Ah, thanks for that URL. I was finally able to replicate your issue this morning and can file a bug report now. It looks like something got broken in our latest update to the main SketchUp site but thanks to you we know where to look to fix it.

I’ll go ahead and talk to the rest of the team once they arrive at the office and see if we can get a update pushed as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can keep using your workaround or access the app URL directly via this link: SketchUp

Hopefully is is a easy fix.