Geometry outlines appearing all over the place


I’ve been having issues with my geometry outlines appearing all over the place. They are not lines I can click on, and they are constantly changing as I navigate around the model. I have tried restarting, saving, saving a copy, copying into a new file… still having the problem.

Others in my office don’t seem to have the issue with the same model. Could this be a hardware issue?

Thanks for the help.


Hi Adriana,

If you suspect a hardware issue it would be helpful to tell us something about your hardware.
Operating System
Graphics Processor and Driver

OpenGL support deficiencies of the Graphics Card and/or its Driver are common issues.
See this sticky post:

Another possibly is the improper use of SketchUp’s Layer System

Importing improperly prepared CAD files is often the root of layers issues in SketchUp.
The fastest way for us to determine the problem(s) is for you to allow us to work with the model.
File attachments here in the form are limited to 3MB.
If the file is larger, upload it to a file sharing site like Google Drive.
Then come back to this topic, post the link and we’ll have a look.



Is the model very large (in miles/kilometers), or far from the SketchUp model origin? It looks like it is based on some imported CAD map.