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Hi there,

I have noticed my geometry on the base is now slightly out, i’m not sure if i have accidentally moved it at some point without noticing. What would be the easiest way to correct this? Every time I try it seems to create further issues or not work.

Link to the file:

Thank you, any other advice is welcome as this if my first time using sketch up. :slight_smile:

For openers:
To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Level UP. They cover the basics for each tool.
It needs a lot of cleanup.
It has many reversed faces, the bluish color, they should all be white. Best practice would be to model in the monochrome style. Also moel in the perspective view. There is also a lot of Z-fighting.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for the recommendations, i’m currently taking a sketch up course but i just need to resolve this issue as this doesn’t come up on my course. Any advice on the best way to fix the issue? :slight_smile:

I am having difficulty finding that spot.

I can’t tell what you’re showing in the screenshot but your model as quite a number of issuse. There are reversed faces (the blue ones in the screenshots) and missing faces. There are overlapping faces that are fighting to be seen.

There is incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 7_17_2023 , 9_14_30 AM

As Dave showed, there is a lot of unused stuff to be purged despite your file name.
Screenshot - 7_17_2023 , 9_16_00 AM

You should be working in the model with the Camera set to Perspective, not Parallel Projection.

The building is pretty basic, I would suggest the easiest fix is to start over modeling it correctly. Before you start, go into Model Info>Units and turn OFF Length Snapping. That’ll help you keep your geometry from being “slightly out”.

Thanks so much for your help, the particular corner is by the bifold doors near the kitchen/dining room area.

Hi there,

Thank you for looking into this, i don’t have enough time to restart unfortunately.

If i reverse the faces and sort out my tags, do you think it will be fine to continue? I only need my floor plan, perspectives and a kitchen elevation so my tutor will not be accessing the file.

Maybe. I think fixing all the problems will take longer than modeling the floor and walls correctly from the start.

If you need the model for more later you should restart it to make it right. Further modeling will be easier if it’s not messed up.

Hi Dave,

I will consider restarting, thank you for looking into this.

Would you be able to send me the purged file?

Here you go.

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