Geolocation not available at all

  1. I can’t search a location in the geolocation dialogue.
  2. Once I manually locate a place, I can make a selection, but the Grab function only kicks back a warning about not being able to find an address.

I’ve tried on Safari and Chrome on my MBP with no add blockers, etc.

This could be an issue with Google’s map coverage in the area where you’re trying to make a snapshot. Where is your site?


I’m afraid not. I tried everywhere from my house in Michigan to the ports of South Africa. No location worked.

Troy, that’s weird. I just tried it on my MBP and had no problem getting my current location.

sigh. I must have a special MBP.
I’m running Yosemite… I wonder if that has any bearing?

I’m running Yosemite, too. Maybe you aren’t holding your tongue right.

LOL!! I’ll have to look up Apple’s requirements for that! :yum:

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