Geolocation in placemaker or google earth, old legacy buildings

If retrieving a certain building in the same place as before after it was torn down and replaced with a commercial modernized building, such as a phone tech shop, food establishment etc.

… and what is your question about this?

For years now, you haven’t been able to import Sketchup models into Google Earth. Google sold Sketchup to Trimble almost a dozen years ago now.

I said I’m retrieving an old building that used to be located in the same area

How can the same building be imported into sketchup-- forget about the changes in agreements between companies

How you are retrieving these old buildings that used to be located in the area? In what format are they?

I know that a lot of changes happened between Google Earth and Sketchup, but it used to be there was in the menu bar under preferences in Google earth an option for checking-off or checking-on legacy buildings to “substitute” them for the modern buildings in their place. And by checking and unchecking this box in the preferences, the legacy buildings would extrude from the landscape in place of the modern buildings and vice versa. But this option is only available in Google Earth. Can any buildings or structures be imported from the internet into sketchup model and then to be able to edit that same building. I can send an attachment of the placemaker example in the next reply if that would help. thanks

As John told you, there is no connection between Google Earth and SketchUp anymore and you cannot use Google’s content in SketchUp. As for buildings, you could look in the 3D Warehouse. Maybe someone else has modeled the buildings and shared them. Otherwise I expect you’ll need to find some photos and create the models yourself. If you’ve got suitable buildings from Placemaker, you could probably edit them to make them look like the older buildings.

how are models created from photos? That is the key point. Even if the internet or any other source can be imported, how can the buildings be modeled to use them in sketchup?

Depending on the photos you have of the buildings you might be able to use Match Photo. Or maybe you just need to look at the photos and use the basic tools to model them.

And can buildings in placemaker be edited? Its an option


You can try it. I don’t use Placemaker but they should just be basic geometry. No reason you shouldn’t be able edit that geometry.

thanks again, good day