Geolocation - Image location accuracy when importing from Digital Globe

Whenever - only once in a while - I use Sketchup Pro’s geolocation imagery (by Digital Globe) I seem to experience a slight offset in xy-coordinates compared to what I consider are the correct coordinates. The discrepancy is in the order of 3-5 meters.
Thus, the Digital Globe imported imagery if off from our national digital maps.
By comparison, in my experience Google Earth has it right, Digital Globe has it wrong. Admittedly I do not use Digital Globe’s stuff often, my alternatives are much better these days. However, I really wonder if anyone else has had the same experience. Or is the Digital Globe stuff
not suited for precise placement? Yeah, I do have observed the lousy resolution…
As an illustration consider the Greenwich coordinates 51.4934° N, 0.0098° E. The first picture is from Google Earth, the coordinates in the roundabout center.

The second picture is by importing Digital Globe imagery into Sketchup, clearly the coordinates does not pinpoint the center.

Anyone else with experience in this matter?

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I get the same results as you do … I wonder if this might be related to the underlying 4-meter resolution of the GPS system. Or not. Just a thought …

I find it hard to believe that the rather lousy precision of the Digital Globe imagery has anything to do with GPS limitations. If so, why do Google get it right?

The GPS “selective availability feature” was lifted in year 2000. Modern L5-band GPS receivers these days pinpoints to within 30 cm. And then you have other competitor GNSS vendors like GALILEO and others…

This is - in my opinion - a matter of postprocessing to locate the imagery to reference points. And by using other readily available sources (say from DGPS) the imagery should be pinpointed to 3-5 cm (at least). In these days with professional GNSS equipment delivering way beyond what Digital Globe gives, I find it hard to imagine why anyone would use Digital Globe at all… at least for anything beyond pure illustrative purposes.

I am really curious why I observe what I have illustrated above…