Geolocation. Elevation does not work in certain areas


All around the village I am interested in, adding a new location (capture) works in Sketchup pro 2018 and then by clicking on the appropriate button the elevation appears (Z).

Well it does work except in that village I am interested in ! Bummer!

The village in the French Alps is called “Les Guibertes”.

Does anyone know why and what I can do ?

Thank you all.

It will be a long time until the Alps are flat like the imported map!

Until then, you can either try this extension (9€) which uses another data source: Oob terrain

Or if you have access to a elevation bitmap, you could import it using this extension (but you may have to scale it): Bitmap to Mesh

Thank you for your answer. I take you are right I can’t wait for the alps to flatten.

I may try your trick. Still I don’t understand why there are elevations all around but this valley. Isa m equally frustrated to not have the data than not understand why it’s not working and I do it wrong.

If someone has an hint…

Thank you again.

– Pascal

If SketchUp doesn’t show the terrain in that area, Digital Globe doesn’t have it or isn’t making it available. The exact reason would be a question for them.

Tks Dave.

The terrain does show up but flat while a mile away elevation shows up.

Based on your feedback it seems it comes from the provider not me doing the wrong thing. Oh well !

Tks for your feedback.

– Pascal

Yes. You’re off the hook for this one. I don’t know why but there seem to be gaps in the terrain data from Digital Globe. It may be they haven’t got complete or accurate data for the area so they don’t show any. I expect that data is frequently updated, though. It could be that next week or next month it’ll be there.

Thank you.


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