Geolocating Models

I geolocated my site in sketchup but when I import the 3-D models only one building is placed correctly on the site. The other buildings are located together off the aerial. Is there an error or do I need to find a way to properly merge the two locations?

need more details. or upload your model.

Did you have 2 separate files and then try to merge them together? If so, a paste-in-place won’t place the 2nd model in its correct spot.

File size is too big to upload. I have selected the area I want geolocated in sketchup and the aerial appeared. As I try to locate and import the buildings that are created for that site, some drop in the correct locations while others drop on a greyscale images a good distance from the color aerial. The ones the drop away from the aerial seem to be located correctly according to the placements of the other builds but oare not on the aerial photo where some of the other buildings were dropped.

K, so you’re importing other models. Well I’m not sure about how well that works, but you can move the models afterwards to correctly position them.
My most similar situation is where I have a model with a building correctly placed on the map. But any model that I import, don’t import to the proper geo-location. I think that’s SketchUp safe way so that if you import a model from a city, and then another building from another city, that model won’t position itself hundreds/thousands of km away.