Geodesic dome triangle vs hexagon

Hi there all,
I just begin to make a project for a geodesic greenhouse using a hex sample of TaffGoch here:

I want to ask before… I have a doubt for the resistance…
So what you are think about ?
I think the triangle is more resistant than the hexagon…
So is the hexa sufficiently resistant please ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Denis,

Use triangle. later if you wish to build it, you can contact me @

Due to transport, the lenght of each beams are about <12m,

Best regards,

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Triangles are required. All hex domes that you’ve seen have triangles incorporated, in some manner, such as a sub-frame.

You might consider tension elements, to complement compression elements, as depicted in this photo:



Thank you guys for the answer.
But do you think that is only little less resistance or do you think that will broke please ?

I like a lot the hexagonal form of the dome.
And I do a lot of work to put all wood pieces to the model.

I also so a lot of hex dome constructed on web.

Please let me know
Thanks again

You can reach me by email
What is the size (diameter and height)?

It’s a little dome … 8 mt diameter and about 3,3 mt height.
I’ll do all by myself in my garden.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The wood will be 40/70 mm … I’ll wonder if will be ok for the 8 mt diameter
Thanks again all

With hexagons or other polygons with more than 3 vertices, all your corner joints must be rigid.

I’ll use an iron hub like this one (front and back also)

Do you think will be ok ?

Thanks a lot

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