Oh! Geodesic Domes

Hi @LeonardTitmarsh,
Great minds think alike! Did you happen to follow our traveling geodesic dome? We take it to Maker Faire’s and taking it apart is just as much fun as putting it together! Retired SketchUp Blog: Building a PVC Geodesic Dome with SketchUp

I did see your dome posting, but could not follow it closely as I was in a
sweat to get an accurate drawing of a floor plan for a dome I am building.
Thanks to Sketchup and some serious help from forum members, I was

has the blogpost gone down ??

Links changed probably. Check this out: https://blog.sketchup.com/solr-search?keyword=geodesic
It might be one of those.

There’s also a polyhedron program that exports to Collada…