[Antiprism] Large collection of polyhedron models available for SketchUp

The latest release of the Antiprism polyhedron modelling software includes a new program, off2dae, which will convert polyhedron models in OFF format to Collada (DAE) format suitable for import into SketchUp.

As well as converting from OFF, the program can also generate hundreds of polyhedron models in Collada format by name. E.g, to make a frequency 3 geodesic sphere

off2dae geo_3 > geo_3.dae

Here is the full list of named models.

The off2dae program is very new and has had little use. Please let me know about any issues.



@taffgoch, maybe you should take a look at this geodesic-generating program that can play nice with SU.


I’ve been a fan of Adrian’s Antiprism, for quite awhile. I haven’t tested the DAE subset of Antiprism, but it is, indeed, on my “to do” list.