Geo location waterbody p

I need to the plan of an existing lake, however the geolocation is old and not showing the full water body
Is there a way to get an updated version or create the outline of the lake

Location data and imagery available directly in SketchUp comes from Digital Globe. You could contact them and see if they have newer information. Or you might use it as a starting point and see if you can get newer data from your local government GIS department to bring it up to date.

Perhaps there is a newer image in google earth or available elsewhere on the the net. You could import a newer version as an image and lay it over the top of the Digital Globe version. You could even project that new image onto the existing topography within Sketchup.

But if Google Earth does have newer imagery, take some time to read their Terms of Use. They do have restrictions regarding the use of their data and imagery.

I am trying to achieve similar to the lower image from the sat image above on google earth