Whenever I try an geo locate my cottage instead of an colorized and accurate map, it just shows me the streets and a grey color for all the land that is not a street or lake. How do I get the contour of the land and the general theme of where everything goes.
Geolocating practice.skp (165.2 KB)

(I want the colorized version with definition and I got the grey version of the map)

What version of SketchUp are you using?

I assume you are using SketchUp Make or SketchUp Free but your profile is confusing.

Based on what I see in the map image for the location, you are getting all the color that is available. If you were using SketchUp Pro, you could get aerial imagery. That’s not available to users of the free version, though.

The aerial imagery for the area looks like this.

I’m using Sketchup Make, in the SKP file I sent, all I see is a map of just the roads no colored trees or terrain. I would like the photo above, is there any way to get that in Sketchup make?

As I wrote:

No. that’s a pro-only feature.

From more than a year ago:

Would you mind creating a new sketchup project with the highlighted land of 7492 Melvindale Camp Road, Johannesburg, MI for me. This would mean alot, I am trying to make my dad a fathers day gift form this. Thank ya if you can!

Sorry. I was off fixing up some baby backs for the smoker.

Here you go. Please, let’s don’t make this a habit, though. If you need this sort of stuff in the future, invest in Pro.
Geolocating practice.skp (795.6 KB)


thank you so much, I will also look to investing in it, just need to do the research!