Geo Location Problems



Using Sketchup 2015 on the Mac OS v.10.11 platform, I am not able to get the Geo Location feature to work properly. Finding the location I want, I activate the appropriate “Select Region” button and cannot get the push pinned selection widow to resize cooperatively. It will resize itself in undesirable ways or not at all. What is causing the problem and how can it be fixed?



Cannot resize GeoLocation Region with drag handles - Mac

We got a support call on this last week, and we’re not sure when or why this changed, but it’s on multiple Safari versions of Mac: we found that instead of just dragging the blue pin, you have to click then click-drag (a sort-of double-click-drag) to move the pins. I don’t see anything that changed on our part, but we’re still looking. Hope that helps.


We fixed this with a push earlier this week.