Cannot resize GeoLocation Region with drag handles - Mac



On both my MacBook Air and my desktop Mac, when I try to grab a GeoLocation region where it is showing the Google Map image, I cannot resize the region with the drag handles. I grab a handle, and it moves about a milimeter, and then jumps about 3" away from the cursor. Happens on all 4 corners, and on both platforms.

This is on El Cap 10.11.3 (15D21). This MacBook is a mid 2012, 13". Desktop specs, but I think 2011 model 21.5" iMac. Same OS.

I didn’t see this reported here yet, but may have missed it.


Aww, dang. Just found another thread: Geo Location Problems


Yup. We fixed this with a push earlier this week.


Sweet - good job Barry and SU team!

Now, if you’d just let us import something larger than 4096x4096 for a base image… :wink: I’m trying to import and use a architectural drawing as a base template and it is barely readable when I turn on Max Texture size! Oh well, we will muddle along.

Thanks again! Nice fix.