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Make sure the ground floor component is not open for editing when you trace around the walls.

Cool. Thank you. Will give it a go. I love this program and to see all the cool stuff people produce. You guys are amazing technological AND creative!

Your model is looking very nice, kudos.
From my experience your file size is very large for your design. As @DaveR noted I agree about Whse models. As a practice, I import Whse models into a specific “import model”, clean them up, and then copy and paste into my working model.

My clean up includes Textures. Textures can make up a large chunk of file size. As an example, I had a 40MB model, did a test by deleting all textures from the model, new file size 22MB. As a note, I do use a number of *.jpg textures.

Good modeling.

I suggest making a copy of the first floor, save as a component, paste in place, then edit/modify the new component to become the second floor, move the edited component to the appropriate height above the first floor. Now either component may be further edited as needed and it’s much faster to model this way.

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Thank you SO much. Simplicity. That’s what I need!

Thanks Lindsey. However, I am a newbie at this and you’re talking way over my head in your first paragraph. I don’t even know what a Whse model is! LOL As far as textures, I haven’t advanced to the stage of understanding how to use .jpg textures yet. Unless it’s where you go to the warehouse, select a textile swatch and then apply it to something. In that case, yes, I have done that.

My ultimate desire is to have a model, (like on the show Fixer Upper ~ where I first learned about this program), of my architectural floor plan to show my husband my ideas on this house (which we are in the process of building). It might be a little pie-in-the-sky, but I’m having fun learning it all the same. :blush: And I appreciate everyone’s comments and assistance.

You are welcome.
By Whse I mean the Sketchup 3D Warehouse.
For textures yes from the warehouse or your file.
Continued good luck.

@Lindsey could you elaborate on this? What do you mean by “you import Whse models into a specific” import model?

Thank you. Robin

Just open a New SU model and import your 3Dwarehouse model into it.

Check it over:

  • Does it have layers you don’t want? If so, in Layers window, delete the layers and move the contents to Default layer (should always be Layer0)
  • Does it make sensible use of components? If so, are there parts of the model you don’t want to include? Delete them. If it doesn’t, is it otherwise well drawn?
  • If you want to edit it, can you?
  • Does it use textures? Are they sensibly sized, or far too big, bloating file size to no purpose? If so, edit the size down
  • Is it (as many are) far too detailed, with too many segments in circles, etc? If so, consider redrawing some or all of it (see some ways of doing this in my post
    Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage
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Thanks @john_mcclenahan, but how do you know if they are “sensibly sized” when you don’t know what a proper size should be? As always, thanx for sharing your knowledge! R~

Think about how big (in pixels) they will be when you view them in your model or in print.

If it is (say) a chair you only view as part of a room, and the room full screen is full HD (1920 px wide) you are unlikely to want your chair more than (say) one fifth or less of the screen width. So your texture image needn’t be more than about 400px wide.

And you can usually get away with even less - unless the chair is a principal object in the scene.

I just tried to click the link to this link John and got this message, {“errors”:[“The requested URL or resource could not be found.”],“error_type”:“not_found”}

The link does seem to be broken, you might have more luck with this one…
I just went to the post and copied the link @john_mcclenahan, if its of use I’ ll leave it here in that case…

EDIT- Turns out Johns copying from the address bar, not the post. I just PM him. In case anyone wonders.

Sorry, must have dropped a character or something. Fixed in the post above. Try it again. It works here for me, so I hope it does for you too.

But I see IanT has got there before me - and his shows nicely. Or did, before he withdrew it. Ian, how did you get it to display? Mine, even corrected, doesn’t do that!

Thaks, Ian. Leave it there please!

Odd, when I click on my re-pasted link, it works to take me to the right page, but doesn’t display nicely…

Ha-ha…we learn something new everyday. :wink:. Thanks @IanT (P.S. Love your wishing well!) and @john_mcclenahan. Back to studying. So much to learn!

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I have a Sketchup model with my preferred textures that I import 3d Warehouse models into. I then change textures on the imported model to my preferred textures and make any desired revisions, before I copy and paste the imported model to my working model.

1)the textures in your model use the SKM extension, which is a compressed file. Su gives you the capability to create your self a library of those you are using and once you have that you can use the standard file explorer and get a idea of the size a specific material contributes to model load. Once you find the large ones unzip the large ones and make changes if possible. Usually I have found in the past you will have around 10 materials in a poorly structure warehouse model and you maybe be able to reduce file size many MB;
2) If you select a component instance in your model it can be easily replace it by a component from the component browser, even a motor cycle if you want. It will go into to your model at the scale and orientation of the one replaced. The cleaned up replacer should be from the browser which may save some time. You can even use proxies this way
3) You should post your model we cannot make suggestion about ghosts except with a shot gun
4) Log into sketchucation .com select tutorials and search for how pro builds a house , 3 parts some what old but maybe helpful to you.

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Thank you. I will look for this

Enroth and TomTom have some extensions related to textures, materials in warehouse may help you also. I removed all materials and textures from you model ( make copy first) and size dropped down to 100MB much less than I was guessing and probably means all the components you have are major contributors.
Model looks very nice, some nits but not worth your time to fix now;
Make sure you understand the code requirements in your locale as you are using info from this for you build? I was an inspector some time ago and they can throw you a curve some times. They may give you some info if asked:
Naming of components will help you vs just the numbers?
Plans for foundation, framing ,second floor cap and roof?
Good Luck

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