Future Development


I still use Sketchup 2019 Pro and try to decide if it’s worth it to upgrade. I’m a professional furniture maker and there are a couple of features / bugfixes I would really like to see in future versions.

  1. Make Dynamic Components usable - In their current state, DCs are a mess.
  • Input fields are too small
  • No way to group / rearrange user input fields
  • No way to check for parent dc (this is huge. It would allow to use components on their own or make them grab settings from the parent)
  • Alternative: Make it possible to define global settings, which can be read in DCs (similar to Fusion360)
  • No informative error messages. Data in input fields just turns red.
  • Random Ruby error messages.

Especially for furniture makers, useful DCs would provide a HUGE benefit since a lot of planing steps involve the same parts (e.g kitchen planing)

  1. Layout
  • The general rendering performance is really bad. Even on small models.
  • Snapping to corners of parts often doesn’t work. (I don’t mean when they’re not in the same plane)
  • Send to layout does nothing, if it’s already running

I know these are some minor points, but on a daily basis they suck nonetheless.

The main question is: How realistic is it that stuff like this gets added / fixed in the near future?

Except the possibility to group layers (which should have been possible from the start), switching to a newer version provides no benefit in my case. Yet my current Version is loosing features (extension warehouse, 3d gallery) with questionable justification.

Aside: The constant need to login in the android viewer is a real joy for me and my customers.