Creating Dynamic Components

I am new to this community but not to Sketchup. However, I have only just started learning how to create DCs. It’s a steep learning curve and there is not much advanced advice about.

First impressions are that creating DCs is way harder than it could be. For starters, it would be useful to have a pane division between the parent group and the sub-components to minimise scrolling.

Another useful thing would be to be able to rationalise axes positions/orientations for all elements in a DC in one hit instead of having to do it manually for each one.

I also feel there must be a way of speeding up input of things like sizes and positions of elements. If you start with a non-dynamic component, you could have shortcuts to determine certain sizes and positions of elements that simply get transferred to the dynamic version without having to laboriously work it out from first principles.

Maybe there are already many of these things available now but I just haven’t found them?

Most of all, I wish the help files offered some basic advice. It took me a long time to understand the significance of axes of sub-components. Similarly, it took a while to understand the need to have set dimensions for elements in the “parent” that are then used by the “children”.

Some clever person could probably develop a plug in specially to make creating DCs easier. Bring it on!