Efficient way to create DCs


Whenever I see a really complex DC that people have developed, I am always impressed by the brilliance of the organization and programming, but it seems the real work lies in the sheer number of mouse clicks it takes to set up multiple interrelated subcomponents and attributes using an interface designed to work with one attribute at a time.

Is there a better way than the Component Atribute dialog box? Maybe a spreadsheet-style DC editor, or import/export to a spreadsheet or text file. Oh how I long for simple selection set operations! Like being able to copy and paste four custom attributes from one part to another, or to delete more than one attribute at a time, or to set all my dimensional attributes to centimeters at once.


The interface is one of the reasons that I don’t create DC’s. There are other limitations as well.

I decided on working with ruby scripts and I came up with this format.


I use Aerilius’ Attribute Inspector:

… but there are also others in the EW:


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