Improvements to making Dynamic Components

I’m not new to SU but I’m just getting to grips with DCs. Seems to me there is a lot that could be done to make the creation of DCs easier. For example, and just taking the Components Attribute window:

  1. Fix the parent section so that only the sub-component elements scroll (makes it easier to reference when setting parameters);

  2. Similarly, make it possible to re-arrange sub-components so they can be in a logical order;

  3. Have a button that would allow all instances referencing the component to parent! (avoids problems with changing names later);

  4. Have a button in the value boxes that deletes the contents of the box in one click (shortcut to avoid having to double click and delete);

  5. When working in a sub-component, highlight the element in the drawing in a different colour so you can see clearly which part you are working on;

  6. Have an option (maybe as a modifier to Copies) that allows elements to be mirrored (reduces number of sub-components).

I guess that will do for now!

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These are all excellent ideas. bump