Improvements to Dynamic Components

Having spent some time again fighting DCs (!), I would like to suggest some minor tweaks that would improve user friendliness.

  1. In the Component Attribute window, have a button allowing you to Expand All or Collapse All. It would make navigating the many subcomponents much easier.

  2. In the same window, have a shortcut for “=parent!” - a great time saver.

  3. Same window, ScaleTool option, have a button to Select All and Deselect All - another time saver.

  4. In the Component Options window, have a better indication of what user options exist. If you are only allowed to stretch the component, this window tells you that you have no options but that isn’t actually true.

I know it’s fairly obvious to say it, but just because you are able to do something doesn’t mean you will. Ease of use is crucial to take up. Most people migrating from a manual car to an automatic would not readily go back!

Sorry, meant to add another:

  1. When you select a sub-component, the Component Attribute window only shows details for that sub-component. It would be useful if it could also show the details for the parent group as you often want to reference that.
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I don’t want to be nitpicky, but what the hey! It’s my nature!

Have you made the scale tool ATTRIBUTE visible to the user? That would easily give you the specific indication you mention, Whoops! I’m glad I tried to test this before I finished this. There is NO option to make this attribute visible to the user!

So I’d make this suggestion (#4 from your original list) to enable visibility for the Scaletool attribute.

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