Furniture Designing


Hi. Basic question. Is Sketch Up a
CAD program where one can design and view an extension dining table with taper legs? I am a CAD beginner! Ben


Absolutely! I use sketchup for all my furniture designs.


My primary use of SketchUp is for furniture design. It is great for that.


Dave, Thanks. I had one CDA class about 25 years ago +/-. What do you
think? How long would it take for me to be able to learn to draw tapered
legs…an example? Ben


I can teach you how to draw tapered legs in a few minutes.


@DaveR :smile: or seconds…


Dave R, I will take you up on that when I get a little further along.
Thanks, Ben


What kind of tapered legs do you want?


Square with an inlay?








That Dave has nice legs.


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