Furniture database



Hi we create our online database

Architects , designers And distributors welcome we need Your advice what’s to improve on our models !

All opinions positive and negative always welcome :grinning:


From looking at a couple of your models, I can make a few suggestions.

There’s no reason for a simple piece such as your “INWOOD 01 Chest Of Drawers oak wood” to be a 2Mb SketchUp model. With minimal cleanup I got this file down to under 700 Kb with no trouble.


Your models can and should be much more efficient than they are. In the example file I mentioned, you have three instances of the same material. One will do. The other two can be deleted. I don’t see any reason for the solid gray color, either.

You are using components which is good but you can use them better. For example, there’s no reason why the case side panels can’t be instances of the same component. The same for the internal dividers although the model doesn’t really need them at all.

You are using layers incorrectly in SketchUp and should fix your models so all edges and faces are on Layer 0 where they belong. Actually, for these models, there’s really no need for other layers anyway.

You should orient your models so the standard views make sense. In the case of this chest of drawers, the front view yields a view of the left end. You should orient your models so the fronts are parallel to the red axis instead of the green.

And finally, since this is for your business, you need to be using Sketchup Pro, not the free version.


As has been said, there’s much to be improved.

I recommend earning your 3D Warehouse Content Developer Certification.


on the one I looked at the tv didn’t work until I fixed the ‘digibox’…

seriously, clean up your imports first…