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In JASC Paintshop Pro, there is a “Full Screen Preview” tool. It’s nice for viewing your work without all the clutter of toolbars and stuff. You can also zoom in and out while in full screen. You can also do screen shots while in full screen preview.

I had done a search in the Extension Warehouse but nothing turned up. After finding a YouTube tut on AMS Window Settings, I went back to the E-WH and searched “fullscreen.” I had been searching “full screen.” I decided to try AMS Window Settings, but discovered that the only thing AMS Window Settings does in “fullscreen” is enlarge the SU window so that it uses the space normally taken up by the task bar and the SU window title bar - all toolbars are still in place.

Does anyone know of an extention that enables actual full screen preview as shown below? Is there some other term that I just haven’t come up with to find such an extention?


This is not a feature that is exposed to the SketchUp APIs. It is actually an OS feature.
I think perhaps this may have been discussed in the past, in the Developers forums, either here or at SketchUcation. It might be possible to hack this using Windows system calls in C.

The problem is that it is unlikely Trimble would allow such a hack to be published on the EW.
One of the rules is only published APIs are allowed to be used.

Well…this went way over my head fast… :crazy_face:

Are you saying that the full screen preview in the art program is working off something in the O/S? Also, that full screen preview is not a plug-in or extension for Paintshop Pro… the program came with that tool at least while JASC had it… I dunno about Corel - they might have removed it when they stripped the free-hand drawing capability from PSP.

I’m not interested in trying any hacking to achieve this. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of an extension, or possibly even knew the name of it off-hand if it existed. It would be nice to have… but I can go on living if it can’t be done. :laughing:

Thanks, Dan

I think what you are asking for is to have the presentation mode from layout be available in sketchup.

Uhh…I don’t know what layout looks like, or what tools/features it has, so I didn’t know anything about “presentation” mode. If that enables the display of just your work, then I’d say it’s the same as full screen preview in Paintshop Pro. And actually PSP has full screen preview and full screen edit, the latter working the same as AMS Window Settings - allows the program window to occupy the space where the taskbar is, and dispenses with the program title bar.

You can go from this

to this

to this

by using this

set it on keyboard shortcut and you will be able to toggle the various states on and off


It should have options to turn them off:


I’m not sure if the version on Extension Warehouse is the very latest. You might want to check if the version on SketchUcation is newer: [Plugin] FullScreen v5.1.1 (12 September 2021) • sketchUcation • 1

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I not saying anything specific about other non-SketchUp applications. What I am saying is that window objects are an OS feature, not an invention of any application. Maximizing, minimizing, hiding windows, hiding menus, etc., are all low level OS system features.

Sorry, when you mentioned AMS I thought you were speaking of some kind of Amazon product.

Never mind what I said about the EW. Apparently the EW team does not enforce it’s own rules.

I remember now that Anton was part of those discussions I spoke of. His “extension” does just what I said. It uses Windows system C calls to change the SketchUp application windows. This is all outside the Trimble APIs and is basically hacking on the window objects belonging to the SketchUp application.

I would prefer things like this were native features. They’ve been publicly requested long ago and Anton’s “extension” (which it really is not) is a proof of concept.
Now I have nothing against Anton. He is a good guy. I’d just prefer that perhaps Trimble bought the rights to his code and built-in it’s features (ie, options to more easily hide and show SketchUp application’s child windows as well a native Full Screen mode.)

Anyway, please unsolve my comments.

Okay… I got AMS Window Settings installed (finally… didn’t go well first time).

My bad - I didn’t watch the whole video because I didn’t see what I was looking for. If I had hung with it for just another 40 seconds I would have seen exactly what @PhilipTZ and @tt_su described above.

Thanks to all who took the time to reply.

Since I cannot credit but one person with solving this issue, I will clik the “Solution” box under @PhilipTZ 's post, but I thank both @PhilipTZ and @tt_su for the solution.

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