Open to full screen

Hi, How do I get a new SU page to open to full screen?

errr… you see the three coloured dots on the top left of the window ? click on the green one.

it’ll make SU to work full screen on your mac.

Thanks, I was just wondering how to get it to fit the screen from opening? Rather than selecting full screen or expanding it once opened.

I don’t know about the Mac but on Windows, if you maximise an application window and then close the application, the system stores the state and when you next open the app, it opens full screen. It is an OS thing.

Don’t use full screen on the Mac - drag the window to the size you wish (all the way to the corners if you want), and move the tool pallets where you want them.

Then go to SketchUp>Preferences… and press ‘Save the current window size’

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I tried that on Mac, and it seems to need you to choose full screen each time.