Sketchup Pro full window for Client Presentation


Does Sketchup have a shortcut to full view the 3D model ONLY and hide the tools. Im currently presenting some high level content to the client and Navisworks usually can full screen a combined model by hitting F11. I really enjoy presenting our schemas to clients using sketchup because ‘were contractors’ and it gives us not only a great perspective but the speed within Sketchup also allows us to model in a live environment in front of people (depending on file size and modelling skill obviously). However the tools around the 3D window distract them too much and I want the presentation focused around an isolated 3D environment.

WIth Navisworks I usually connect a HDMI cable from my laptop to a big screen/projector and I can keep my tool bars on my laptop screen and full 3D window on the bigger screen. That way I can use the tools but keep the focus of presentation on the BIM.

This plugin is what you’re looking for.

AMS Window Settings v4.2.0 by Anton Synytsia — Extension Warehouse

“Allows you to switch SU full screen, show/hide menu bar, toolbar containers, status bar, scenes bar and more elements of the window.”